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2 fantastic Zoom classes this Fall

With Miss Nita

Classes begin Sept. 15th



Here’s what people are saying about Nita:


You have truly been such a big part of our lives for the past 8 years!  I have such great memories of your classes and all the music. Every week I looked forward to going to your class, especially when the boys were babies. 
The music itself was such a huge part of all of their childhoods....I truly feel like it wouldn’t have been the same had you not been their teacher!! 
You have left such an impression on us; your personality, your passion for what you do, and your energy are unmatched! 
M (Bergen County mom of 3 JVMT kids)


"Thanks for making them so happy, they both (Evelyn & Ella) loved the class so much!" Jessica A. 2018

"Miss Nita has been part of our lives for 9yrs bringing the joy of music to each of my 3 grandchildren in their early years. Her genuine love of young children and music are apparent in her warm nature and ability to bring out the inherent rhythm in little ones. thank you, Nita, for being such a joyful part of making Music Together®!!!  C. Rathod 2017

" alway Miss Nita goes above and beyond making things amazing and fun for her students with a photo booth this year!!!" A.Siver 2017


 "We fell in love with Nita and Music Together back in 2011 at Temple E-Manuel in Closter.

"We cannot wait to enjoy another wonderful semester with Nita! She's brought so much joy and happiness to our family with her love and passion for children and music!"       Melissa, JVMT NJ mom


-We loved our winter class last year! My kids are still asking to go see "Teacher Nita",  NJ mom


   "Your class has done so much for him and music is such a big part of his life. We are so very grateful for your kind and gentle way as well as your musical talents."  Anita, JVMT mom 2015



We've been to many other music classes but there is no other like Nita's! She is energetic, exuberant, passionate and just plain fun!!! We still sing the lullabies and if the CD is playing we all chime in at the top of our lungs! Nita always holds a special part of our lives and hearts and we credit her for the music that lives in our spirits!!!!"   Emily, Closter mom, NJ 2014



"We've been going to Nita Moore's fabulous Music Together classes since Elisa was 4 months old and continued until she was almost 5! and Evelyn who is now 2 1/2 is continuing the tradition and probably won't stop anytime soon! Nita is the girls' first music teacher and she has been instrumental in infusing our lives with song and dance!!! Though has Elisa has moved on from Music Together songs, which she knew every single one by heart, to other things like "Frozen" songs, Nita's exuberance of spirit is always reflected in both Elisa and Evelyn's passion for singing and performing!


Love Nita! Carmel (now 14 months) and I went to the summer sessions and she LOVED it! We listen to the CD at least 2 to 3 times a day!  Brittany, JVMT mom, 2014


   “With Nita you have Broadway caliber delivery mixed with an instinct for what pulls the little ones in!!!” mom of Nolan(5yrs) and Miranda(2yrs), Montclair, NJ


 “We’ve been huge fans of her music class since our children were born...It was so fun seeing every child laughing, dancing and singing totally captivated the whole time. NJ mom


“ I have never seen someone keep the attention and excitement of 18 two-year olds as Nita does”  James’ mom, NYC


Nita is a talented and captivating teacher.”  mom of Nicholas(3yrs), NYC


“Her enthusiasm is contagious and she is a gifted teacher.” mom of Emma (4yrs), NYC


“Nita has the unique ability to connect with young children.” mom of Daniela (2yrs), NYC